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Sowing seeds of success: Growing courageous learners

Growing Courageous Learners.

Modern Foreign Languages at Sowerby



The intent of the Sowerby curriculum is to provide a high-quality MFL education that enables pupils to develop their linguistic skills, cultural understanding, and broaden their global perspectives. The curriculum sets out the following aims in line with the National Curriculum: 

Language Proficiency: Our aims are  to ensure that all pupils develop competence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in a modern foreign language. 

Cultural Awareness: Sowerby Academy aims to foster an appreciation of different cultures, traditions, and values through the study of MFL.. 

Global Citizenship: To equip pupils with the ability to communicate effectively with people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 

Continuity and Progression: To provide a structured and progressive MFL curriculum, building upon prior knowledge and preparing pupils for their future language learning journey. 

The school understands that MFL education is not just about language acquisition but also plays a crucial role in developing intercultural competence, empathy, and open-mindedness. 


The Academy's implementation of MFL in KS2 is through following the North Yorkshire scheme of Learning for Primary French. which: 

  1. Ensures a logical progression of skills and knowledge, taking into consideration pupils' prior learning and abilities. 
  2. Provides a balance between the four key language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It also ensures coverage of different topics, vocabulary, and grammar structures. 
  3. Incorporates authentic materials, including literature, songs, videos, and cultural resources to expose pupils to real-life language and cultural contexts. 
  4. Identifies and utilizes opportunities to link MFL learning with other subjects, promoting language use and cultural understanding across the curriculum. 
  5. Utilizes technology effectively to enhance MFL teaching and learning, including interactive language software, online resources, and digital platforms for collaborative tasks and communication. 

Teaching and Learning Strategies 

The school employs a variety of teaching and learning strategies that: 

  • Active Engagement: Foster active participation, creativity, and enjoyment in MFL lessons, promoting a positive attitude towards language learning. 
  • Authentic Communication: Provide ample opportunities for meaningful communication in the target language through role-plays, discussions, and real-life scenarios. 
  • Differentiation: Tailor teaching approaches and resources to meet the diverse needs of pupils, including those with additional learning needs or those who are gifted and talented. 
  • Language Purity: Ensure a balance between accuracy and fluency by providing regular opportunities for pupils to consolidate grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. 
  • Cultural Immersion: Engage pupils in cultural activities, celebrations, and exploration of the target language country, enhancing their intercultural understanding. 


The impact of the Academy's MFL provision is reflected in the following outcomes: 

Language Proficiency: Pupils demonstrate high levels of proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the target language, meeting or exceeding age-related expectations. 

Cultural Understanding: Pupils show a deep appreciation and understanding of different cultural traditions, practices, and perspectives, fostering respect and empathy towards others. 

Confidence and Engagement: Pupils exhibit confidence and enthusiasm in using the target language both inside and outside the classroom, showing a positive attitude towards language learning. 

Progression and Continuity: Pupils make consistent progress in their language skills throughout their primary education, with smooth transitions to secondary school language learning. 

Global Citizenship: Pupils develop the ability to communicate effectively with people from other cultures, demonstrating a readiness to engage with the wider world and becoming global citizens. 


Progression of Skills in MFL