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Sowing seeds of success: Growing courageous learners

Growing Courageous Learners.

Design Technology



  • At Sowerby Primary Academy we offer an inclusive and supportive DT curriculum, enabling all children to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. The wide range of design experiences gives them opportunities to use various tools, materials, technologies and design processes.
  • This curriculum is based on The EYFS Framework, National Curriculum and Elevate Progression Model, with a focus on creativity, problem-solving skills and technical knowledge. Pupils will investigate, design, make and evaluate, products.
  • We aim to inspire pupils, stimulate their curiosity and ignite a passion for creativity and innovation. They will have opportunities to work with others, as well as alone.
  • Promoting contextual learning plays a key role in our curriculum to ensure that pupils understand the relevance and impact of design technology in people’s lives and how these are applied in the home, industry and professional life.
  • Children will develop both critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They will be taught to be analytical through questioning; to articulate and communicate their ideas effectively using a range of DT-based vocabulary.
  • All pupils will be taught the knowledge and skills in a progressive fashion, in order to produce their own products with increasing proficiency. They will develop their ideas, considering functionality and aesthetics.


High Quality Teaching and Learning


Our carefully designed art curriculum is delivered through high quality teaching and learning experiences. Our progressive lessons are purposeful, engaging and inclusive.

At Sowerby we ensure that: 

  • Teaching staff have the required technical knowledge and skills, enabling them to model, demonstrate and talk through their thinking processes. They will guide pupils effectively in designing and making successful products.
  • Lessons are well-planned with a balance between investigating existing products, designing and evaluating their own, and applying their knowledge and skills practically. Children are given time to practice and experiment with tools and materials before using them in a project.
  • Pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively, sharing ideas in the process of problem-solving.
  • Health and safety is embedded into all lessons, with appropriate risk assessments conducted. High quality tools and materials are provided for the children to use.
  • The pupils’ development is well-supported with clear instructions, individual attention and constructive feedback.
  • Cross-curricular and contextual links are made so that children can see how a need or problem has been solved through design technology in different cultures, societies, periods of history and so forth.


Broad and Balanced curriculum


Our Design Technology curriculum offers a wide range of experiences to Sowerby’s pupils and is organised in a 2-year rolling programme which ensures progression of both knowledge and skills across each year group.  It has been carefully designed to ensure that within each year (Year A and B) there is a balance of product types, including a unit of food technology (cooking) each year, and development of practical skills. It includes:

  • Mechanisms - such as axels, levers, sliders, pneumatics, hinges, and cams.
  • Textiles- joining with pinning, tacking, stitching, gluing. Using patterns/templates and cutting safely.
  • Food- cooking healthy meals/snacks, cutting, chopping, slicing, heating, following and writing recipes.
  • Structures – use of card, glue and tape to create stability, strength and load bearing. Using wood and associated cutting and joining techniques.
  • Computer programming – controlled electronic systems, monitoring, programming and controlling functions.
  • Electrical systems – circuits, switches, lights and buzzers.


The pupils all have a purposed DT book. This moves through the school with them as a record of their achievements. Each unit is preceded by a knowledge organiser which the children may refer to.

All DT activities include health and safety instruction.


Enrichment Opportunities


We further promote and enhance our DT curriculum with enrichment opportunities. This also encourages pupils’ interaction with the wider community. These take the form of:

  • Daytrips and residential trips with problem-solving activities.
  • Participation in competitions, exhibitions and community projects.
  • Showcasing children’s work.
  • Collaborations with creative professionals and local crafts people.